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The 1U Student Mentoring/Shadowing Program aspires to pair students of First University
SDA with professionals of the church to build a professional relationship in their selected
field of study.

The mission of the 1U Student Mentoring/Shadowing Program is to provide student
support, assess to key organizational and professional circles, help students to clarify
graduate and professional goals, and provide the necessary credentials for students to
achieve future endeavors

The primary objectives of the 1U Student Mentoring/shadowing Program is:
  • To establish key relationships amongst students with professionals of the 1U church family.
  • To give younger students in church the opportunity to have a “big brother/sister” mentor to talk to them about school and life.
  • To provide students with networking and resources to professionals.
  • To help student develop strategies for their academic, professional, and social success through professional development practices.
  • To better prepare students for both graduate and professional work.
  • To develop spiritual guidance and discipleship.
Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee?  Please complete the online form and submit your request to the First University SDA Education Department.  

For more information please send an email to education@1usda.org  
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