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Every woman is called to embody the oneness of God's vision and His voice. In His divine wisdom, He has created a select role for us as women to fill in any season we find ourselves. Some may be in a season of wife or motherhood, others in a season of widowhood, and still others in singlehood, with God as our Husband.

No matter where we find ourselves, we must cling to essential precepts that will take us to the next level of godliness that He desires for us. We are called to be godly in our speech, godly in our dealings with others, and godly foremost in our dealings with ourselves.

God wants us to develop integrity, humility, compassion, faith, sisterhood and a sense of our true spiritual value. Together, and with His guidance, we can blossom into the women of purpose He intends us to be.




To the beautiful ladies of 1U:

We are so excited about what God has done throughout this 2017 year. We are looking forward to your attendance at the upcoming events as we are continuing to get closer by increasing our bonds of friendship and support as women in Christ.